Barcelona: in between borders

As a good traveler, there I was, lost in the subway in Barcelona trying to make sense of the maps and directions. In the middle of the confusion, while asking for information I had one of the nicest moments in Spain, when I got to know the story of a woman – immigrant – who suffers the consequences of the crisis and see her life “in between borders”. She isn’t alone, there are many facing the same situation. My question is: what to do when a dream is as ruined as the Roman buildings of Barcelona?

– Hello, do you know if the next station is Jaume I?

– No, you have two more to go. I’m getting out there. What do you want to see there?

(She realised I’m a tourist by the maps and camera hanging on my shoulder).

– The Roman ruins. What do you do in Barcelona?

– I lost my job two weeks ago. I was working in a cafe. But as I don’t find anything here I think I’m going back to Nepal.

– So you’re going back home?

– Well, here’s my home. Ive been living here for more than 10 years but there’s no other choice.

– Are you single?

– Yes, and it will be shameful to go back without anything… and anyone.

– Well, I understand you although you’ve been here. I’m sure you have a lot to offer to your country, no?

– I wish I could be as idealistic as you do. But I’m not young anymore and I feel that time just passed.

Barcelona from the Montjuïc / Pericles Carvalho 2014.
Barcelona from the Montjuïc / Pericles Carvalho 2014.

We walked out the station and I smiled at her and she showed me where to go to see the Roman ruins. We said goodbye and probably I’ll never see her again. She’s going far but her heart still here. Her dreams must be like the ruins I was admiring, but I am sure she’ll survive and from the ruins of her dream something positive will come up.



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