Thoughts about the Cambodian election

It’s not difficult to find CPP campaigners in the streets of Phnom Penh (photo).


The Cambodian People’s Party rules the country for decades and its power can be seen in the campaign – cars, noise, flags, supporters and flyers are all around. It’s hard to find a residence without a poster of the main leader and candidate Hun Sen. For me it’s a mix of populism and dictatorship covered with a weak veil of democracy.

I’ve been talking with a lot of people in the streets – some of them told me they will vote for the opposition in an attempt to change. Among the youth in the urban areas it seems to be the claim as well, but they know the electoral system is mainly controlled by the government – which would turn the game harder for the CNRP (the opposition party).

Personally I don’t know what the opposition would offer to people – I haven’t seen much of their policies (and honestly, both parties are not focusing on it) – although I support the change, specially taking in consideration the abuse of power and high level of corruption.


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