Goodbye Denmark

So, here is the new adventure, right in front of me!

20130623-182724.jpgTomorrow I’m leaving Denmark and my next destination is Amsterdam – for a couple of days – and then finally Cambodia. I’m staying in Asia for 3 months for an internship at UNICEF. It’s everything so crazy and at the same time exciting. I was just talking with some other travelers about our experiences in the world and I’ve heard some positive words which keep me focused in what’s coming next, even though I already miss my lovely Aarhus and all the friends I made around. I’ll never forget the amazing time I had, the international people I met and the local ones. I’m lucky to be on the road.

With butterflies in my stomach and some tears in my eyes I just started to see everywhere in Aarhus in a different perspective – it may be the last time for a while, and I don’t know when I am coming back to Denmark. In fact I’m not 100% sure of where I am going to be after the masters as well!

In order to say goodbye to the lovely Jutland – five cultural aspects of living here I’m never going to forget:

1 – BACON. Yes, Danes love bacon and so do I. It’s not even strange to cook it almost every day.

2 – BEER. Danes drink beer regularly and in a crazy amount, if I can say that. Drinking on monday? Not a problem. Thursday is the little friday and friday… hmmm… friday is the day of visiting bars around the university after class and warm up for the night in the city centre. But if you aren’t a Dane, be sure that even if you try you are never going to drink as much as they do (maybe if you are a German or from another Scandinavian country you can do it!). It’s cultural, my people.

3 – DESIGN. Visit a Dane (after some months of friendship you are probably going to be invited for a dinner or so – they are going to cook for you!) and start counting how many lamps they have around the apartment, room or whatever. If they have a Paul Henningsen’s artichoke lamp, be sure they praise it every winter night when it’s cold and dark enough to spend the whole day inside. Oh, you will also find an ‘egg chair’ around. Enjoy the functionality of it, and drink a cup of coffee – it’s what they call ‘hygge’.

P.S: If you don’t make any Danish friend (I’ve heard it’s possible…), don’t worry, you can check the ‘egg chairs’ in every Danish public building.

4 – The Almighty CPR! As a foreigner you are going to feel as part of a Big Brother or something like that. You’ll have a CPR number which provides you a lot of different public and private services, such as the health care system. The government knows you, my dear. This is the fact! Don’t forget your number.

5 – CITIES FOR PEOPLE. It may be something completely natural for Danes, but for you who come from big cities around the world it seems like a paradise! Shopping streets only for pedestrians? No cars, no traffic jams or other common problems from urban spaces around the globe. Better watch out: it is easier to see a bike accident than a car one. Bike lanes are all around and in fact I don’t remember seeing a street without it.


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