How Danes have FUN?


After six months in the grey Denmark I had a glimpse of what may be the best strategy to know Danes better: sign up for the famous Tour de Chambre.

Tradition in the university houses, Tour de Chambre (TdC) basically consists in visit different rooms getting drinks from each participant until you finish the whole corridor (if you are strong enough, of course). If you are not a Dane, you can prepare your national drink followed by typical music and games – I prepared caipirinhas as usual.

Considering that you may never have been in the ‘natural habitat’ of a Dane (their rooms!), Tour de Chambre sounds as a kind of sociological experiment where you can see family photos, furniture and a little bit more about the people who live around you. I discovered, for example, that one of my roommates is a huge fan of Tolkien. WOW! Another one, Sif, created a typical carnival scene with costumes and cocktails – I would expect it from Germans but not Danes (am I to skeptical about their capacity of distraction and fun?).

After all I think TdC was a good experience – after some months living in the Scandinavia, I feel part of it somehow, even though we are from completely different parts of the world. Despite of all the cultural ‘shock’ I just realized that they have the same aspirations as me (party, good conversation…) and seriously they want to have fun and enjoy this precious time we have in those houses with shared kitchen facilities. Actually, as more I travel more I think we are all the same in the essence.

At least for me, Danes have always been very polite and helpful which I (as a Brazilian) appreciate a lot. I am lucky to be surounded by nice and friendly people!

By the end of TdC you will realize that they drink at least twice than you, get hammered and go to the local bar to spend their valuable Danish crowns. After the first drinks they are completely opened to talk about any topic you want to explore. Voilá! You have the chance to know them better!

P.S: I couldn’t write about all the rooms I’ve been in because I really don’t remember what happened after the Estonian room!

Here some photos:













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