Budapest, I love you

Budapest – one of the most magical cities I’ve ever been. The smell of history is in each corner of the Hungarian capital: facts about a nation that suffered so much oppression in the last century, first with Hitler and later with the Soviet Communism. Work camps, wars and fear still in the speech of the people.

– The Terror Museum in the building where the communists installed a prision to torture intellectuals and ordinary people who dared to oppose the dictatorship.

– The reconstruced magical bridges connecting Buda to Pest.

– The amazing architecture. The termal baths and pools in the heart of the city.

– The yellow lights at night (as Chico Buarque said, “Budapest is yellow”) and the streets full of people drinking beers and giving life to the old streets.

All those things make the city very attractive and also interesting – corners that tell us a lot about contemporary history. Walking around those streets I experienced the feeling that there’s no oppression that endures forever.

Even after decades of silence and deaths the Hungarians are smilling and moving on. And they know exactly where lies the fear, and what are their political problems. Since the 1990, they are trying a fresh start – respecting their limitations without forget the past.

Hungarians know that the past has to be alive as a flame to remind them that oppression will nevermore be accepted.


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