YO! Music!

Did you think it is only a “portuguese” blog? Or just a kind of too-serious portfolio devoted to spread thoughts and articles about international affairs and politics only? You may be 90% right, but this is also a page for music and movies – and of course, good ones.

By the way, music is one of the things I care most in life – good music, actually. And I know it may be hard to define what is “good”. However I keep posting what interests me, like this video from Yong Empires – a cool band from Canada. Last year, at the time I write this small piece, I was there in Toronto, feeling the good weather, that I thought would never come after a long and cold winter. Ok, it’s a long story, but I tell you that I found really good music there. Close to the Kensington Market, life happens in the summer and music comes from every corner – a paradise for people like me.

The band also released an interative website to promote their single “White Doves”. There you can access your Facebook account and watch photos of you and your best friend in the video.

For the interative version, click here.


WHITE DOVES – YOUNG EMPIRES from Miles Jay on Vimeo.


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